Skitzen Technology Services

We Are Back!

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we have returned. This time we are offering FREE websites.

Daniel Weisinger

Owner, Web Developer

Who are we? My name is Daniel. I founded Skitzen Technology Services in December of 2021 with the intention to offer services at a lower price point than other offerings in the area, without sacrificing on quality. 

Recent Projects

Here are some websites under Skitzen Technology Services.

What's The Catch?

In the past we have used our own hosting providers and managed our own infrastructure. We are scaling back a bit to become a better version of ourself, meaning you own your site this time from day one.

We still set up the site for you, but you pay for web hosting. Web hosting is what keeps your site online and allows others to be able to view it, controlling the page load speed and reliability. 

When you sign up for web hosting, we get a percentage of the sale. The same applies for any addons or plugins that you might need for your site.

Looking for more?

Some websites are larger than the scope of what we can offer for free. Regardless of what you need, we can still help.