Skitzen Technology Services has closed.

Lufkin Police Department on May 13th shut down Skitzen Technology Services due to the owner getting arrested. He was very sick and the cops arrested him over a 911 call, yes, the 911 call itself nothing more.


He was arrested while the police offers proceeded to try to force him to admit to entering the neighbors home, which he did not do. He eventually plead the 5th, but they arrested him and EPOW'd him once he arrived at the jail.


The charge? A 3rd degree felony with a $50,000 bond, despite not having any intention to call in the first place. No indictment has been made yet, but the damage has been done. Not only did he lose his healthcare, job, and business (with customers), but he sat out 6 months in jail for no reason.


We believe this is purely due to activism and was in retaliation by a police department known for pepper spraying children that left during class. They responded with heavy weaponry and intimidation as if it were a life threatening situation despite no direct threats being made. If you were not aware, our owner has a similar story to that of the Internet's Own Boy: Aaron Swartz. They work on similar projects, are both passionate about technology, and are both activists. We believe this to be the reason for the arrest in the first place, as Aaron Swartz faced a similar problem before he died to suicide in 2013.


If you were a customer of Sktizen Technology Services, we apologize for any damages caused by this incident. We are still working to recover as the police department clearly wanted our owner on the streets and unable to obtain a job or place of residence. Unfortunately we lost all data, including backups, and have amassed a large amount of debt pertaining to the cost of services not being paid for while away. We are still working as quickly as we can to issue full refunds to the customers that were affected as well as return any property that we may have had in our possession at the time of the incident. We have lost contact information and previous emails, so if you were a previous customer please use the contact-us button below to get in touch.